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Wired NMEA 2000™ compatible USB/Serial gateway. Converts NMEA 2000 bus data to protocol compatible with PC based Web Servers. SeaSmart Serial™ will create a dynamic HTTP POST message from incoming NMEA 2000 PGNs and forward to user selected Web Server hosted on local PC or Internet based server. The target server will accept the HTTP POST and construct dynamic Web pages with graphical display of selected data via browser enabled devices such as Smart Phones, iPhone, iPad, Android, and others. Open Sourced HTML Protocol allows simple customization to fit any application from weather station, dual engines, battery banks, fluid tanks and more. Now view all gauges, switch positions and GPS information from any browser enabled device.

SeaSmart.Net™ innovative interface technology includes an embedded microcontroller module to directly support HTTP Protocol translation without additional equipment. firmware translates native NMEA 2000 protocol to compatible HTML pages which are automatically updated Live and feed to the target web server. CGI and AJAX protocols allow JavaScript Web Browsers to view the dynamic graphics with minimum network loading so that performance is maintained over Dial-Up and Cell based networks. The Open Protocol allows for license free viewing of vessel data equal to other helm station displays and is easily shared among other devices. This data can be logged and viewed on vessel based systems or pushed to internet based remote servers for access anywhere in the world.


Chetco Digital SeaSmart.Net™ technology makes wireless gauge viewing, data access and data storage as easy as using a smart phone and browser. SeaSmart Serial ™ is bundled with sample Web Pages for instant setup. Custom development tools are also included.

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