Connecting iPad or iPhone to SeaSmart.NET WiFi Ad Hoc Network

To connect your iPhone or iPad to the SeaSmart.NET WiFi module, you first must determine the SeaSmart module's IP address.

With an ad hoc network, the IP address is randomly generated, so you will need a third party app in order to scan your SeaSmart Ad Hoc WiFi connection and discover the SeaSmart unit's IP address, before manually configuring a static IP address.

1) Search your App Store for the free app named "Overlook Fing" and download.
2) Ensure your SeaSmart device is powered (12V DC for the WiFi unit).
3) In the settings of your iPhone or iPad go to NETWORK --> CHOOSE A NETWORK --> select SEASMART AD HOC and connect:


4) Open the Overlook Fing App you just downloaded.  The SeaSmart device's IP address will appear in the nodes list.  It is generally the second IP address on the list (the IP which is not your iPad/iPhone). If you do not see two device IP's listed, click the X (refresh) button towards the top to refresh the nodes list.

5) Copy the IP address listed and type it into your Web browser's URL bar (Safari) and hit RETURN.  In this example the IP generated was, but yours will likely be different.

NOTE: When you see the SeaSmart page you are now connected to the device.  However, this connection is based off the DHCP randomly generated IP address.  In order to configure a static IP and avoid having to discover the IP address again in the future, we must now tell the SeaSmart device to use a static IP address of our choice.

6) Press the NETWORK SETUP link in the left menu, then press NETWORK 2 and press CONFIGURATION.  The setting title should now read "Network 2 (wlan0) Configuration."

7) Turn the DHCP Client to OFF

8) Type in as your new static IP address

9) Press SUBMIT


10) After submitting, you must reboot your SeaSmart device by unplugging the power and plugging back in.

11) Go back to your Web browser, and type in the new static IP address


12) When you see the SeaSmart page again, you are now connected using a static IP and will not have to configure again in the future.

13) Press SEASMART WEB LINK in the left menu to view your engine data from your iPad or iPhone. Bookmark this page in your browser to quickly return without typing back in the IP address.

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