How to update your Chetco Digital Display Theme and Display Firmware (using vDash's Port Pass-Through Mode)

1) Ensure your Sensor Interface Unit and Display are powered and connected with the supplied cables.

2) Open Window's DEVICE MANAGER by selecting the START MENU --> RIGHT-CLICKING on MY COMPUTER --> selecting PROPERTIES then selecting DEVICE MANAGER in top left of window:


3) Expand the parent item PORTS, and note the COM number of the USB Serial Port (in the example below, it's COM127, but yours will likely be different).


4) Cycle the power to your Sensor Interface Unit (unplug and re-plug), and when DEVICE MANAGER refreshes, confirm that the USB Serial Port number remains consistent.

5) Open vDash, and select the SETTINGS button (bottom right hand menu item):


6) Select the CONNECT tab, and in the COM PORT box, tick COM ENABLE, then enter the COM PORT number you noted above (127 in this example), and set the baud rate to 57600 in the Baud Rate dropdown menu.  Leave the Serial Buffer as is:


7) On the same page, check the PORT PASS THROUGH box to enable it, and then click the SAVE button to save your changes and exit:


8) From the main menu of vDash, select the CONNECT button (top right hand menu item).  If you are properly connected to your Remote Interface Unit in Port Pass Through mode, the top bar of vDash will read "receiving.. connected port passthrough."


9)  When properly connected, close vDash (top X to close window).

10) Unless you were sent custom theme (or firmware) files directly from our support team, visit our Webpage to download the theme or firmware files by copying the below link, or by visiting our support page and selecting SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS --> DISPLAY FIRMWARE:


11) Download the .zip file associated with your display and note where you saved the file.

12) Navigate to the .zip file you downloaded and RIGHT CLICK to EXTRACT ALL (when it asks where to extract, leave it on the current folder and click EXTRACT):


13) Open the new, unzipped folder (it will have the same name as the zip file you downloaded, but will be a standard, unzipped folder.

14) Within the folder, double click to open the BMPload exe program:


15) Once the BMPLoad program is running, you must set the PORT dropdown to the Com Port number you noted above and set in vDash (in this example it is 127), set the Baud Rate to 57600, and select CONNECT.  If successfully connected, the SLCD Status will show "Connected." See steps 1,2 and 3 below:


Step #16a below is for uploading DISPLAY THEMES.  To upload DISPLAY FIRMWARE, skip to #16b

16a - Display Themes)  Select LOAD FROM FILE, and find the .BIN file associated with your display theme (see steps 4, 5 and 6 below).  The .BIN file is located in the theme folder of your choice (if you downloaded the theme files from our Website).  If our support team sent you a custom .BIN file, choose that file:


16b - Display Firmware) Select ADD FIRMWARE, and find the .upg file to match your correct display type.   There may also be both Landscape and Portrait versions for each display type, so make sure your select the appropriate option to match your display.  See 4, 5, and 6 below:


17) Once your theme and/or firmware file is loaded, click STORE TO SLCD.  The file will upload for a few minutes.  DO NOT INTERRUPT this upload.  Even if WIndows states that the "Program is not responding", let the upload finish (it is still in process):


18) Once the file is complete, you will be asked to calibrate the touch area of the display.  Select OK and proceed.

19) Once finished, you must cycle the power of your display for the new theme to take effect.*

*Only one theme file may be loaded at a time. Each theme may require reconfiguration of screen layouts as element sizes may change. Be sure to choose both Firmware files and Theme files to match the display orientation.  Refer to the vDash Users manual on how to layout and design gauge screens in vDash software application using the new themes. Most Themes have several different graphic elements which can be placed and arranged on one of several instrumentation pages.

The most common problem in loading files is improper selection of Baud Rates when connecting to Displays. The normal Baud Rate is 57600. However, after loading a Firmware file, the Baud rate will be reset to 115200 until a new Theme file is loaded. If a problem occurs in connecting, try the alternate Baud rate of 115200 (reset in both vDash and in BMPLoad).

Thank you for choosing Chetco Digital and please visit our Question and Answer Forum if you have additional questions. 

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